Flash-like website without Flash

Hi all,

I’m looking for websites that do Flash-like things but without using Flash, only with Javascript/ajax.

Can you think of any?

I’m not looking for a particular effect, I just want examples of sites that have the coolness and eye-catching factor that Flash can have - know what I mean?


How about these?



Thanks imouto, nice try but I don’t think any of these have a “wow” factor if you know what I mean. The first one is pretty boring and the second one has a little bit of “wow” on the landing page but not on the rest of the website. Wouldn’t you agree?

So far I’ve found 2 websites:

I think the second one is pretty cool but I’d like to collect more of these. I’d like to find more web2.0 accessible websites with this “wow” factor too.

I’m trying to convince some people that they don’t need full Flash websites every single time so I need more examples of what JavaScript / ajax can do.

I personally like this one: http://www.ericj.se/

It’s JavaScript driven (in preference to Flash) and it makes use of some interesting animation effects, a unique scroll mechanism and is pretty cool overall. :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex, I agree with you, it’s pretty cool.

Any other cool non-Flash websites out there?

alright, let me try this again. :stuck_out_tongue: How about this dude’s site?


It was mentioned in CSSBeauty a couple of years ago.

that’s a good one too, I like it.

I found this one which has a similar concept: http://www.webleeddesign.com/

And here are some of my recent discoveries: