FIX issues with mixed content

How to FIX issues with mixed content reported by semrush like below

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Neither of your links work.

What issues is semrush reporting? Does it not give you an indication of how they should be resolved?

I have found mixed content errors comes from a https site that has http links. You need to change any http links to https ones or ignore the error.


but how to do it

The Semrush website is telling you the same thing on your screen shot.

You can not have a secure website that is then linking to or displaying unsecure items.

There are a couple of plugins available that will fix up some of the warnings.

YMMV, but might be worth a try.

I need non plugin option ive tried dat plugin

Then just correct the code by hand.

You have a field to change the URL on the right. Change it to

dere r so many url how will i do manually url

By hand

any script you know that you disk

You could try updating the URLs in the WP database itself. But be warned, if you take a wrong step, this could crash your site. And obviously, make a backup of any database before you attempt to manipulate it. dis is ok but this throw error

Sorry, I don’t understand. The first link 404s, but the second link works fine.

Use the developer tools in Firefox or Chrome or Safari to see the error with the specific images.

  1. You may need to change the URL of media item on the post/page content to HTTPS. SearchRegEx is a good plugin to be able to search and replace through all pages, pages.

  2. You may need to change to a relative path for images in CSS files i.e background-image: url( to background-image: url(images/image.jpg)

3 You may need to improve to HTTP from absolute paths in php themes files, i.e change to // ; that will allow your resources to default to https.

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