Firefox on fedora difference

On this page the last tab “Contact information” falls down below Background tab, as if there isn’t enough space for it, I have to take 2 pixels off the width to make it fit, but then I can see the thin 1px strip of background showing through, indicating there should be more space available.

This only happens on Firefox on fedora, not in any other browser, not even Firefox on ubuntu or other platforms.

Why is this?


You often find that text is rendered wider in one browser than another so its always best to leave a little leeway where possible.

In your case I would just offset the extra width with a negative margin to keep things on one line.

First hide the overflow:

#content-top ul.quicktabs_tabs {
  overflow: hidden;

Then reduce the width with a negative margin.


#content-top ul.quicktabs_tabs li.last {
  [B]margin-right: -5px;[/B]/* adjust to suit*/

That will allow the element to be full width or even wider before it wraps to another line.