Issue on FireFox!

Hey Guys,

Here is link to the site I’m almost completed it works great on Chrome and Safari. Not sure how it looks like on IE but hopefully works well on there but in FireFox when you scroll down to the Side effects include section the content is much lower then on Chrome and Safari, how can I solve this?




Looks the same in Chrome and FF on a Mac. But if you don’t like the big gap at the bottom of the #about section, perhaps reduce the padding a bit:

#about {
    background-color: #FFFFFF;
    padding-bottom: [COLOR="#FF0000"]300px[/COLOR];

The gap at the bottom I don’t mind its before the content Im on a Mac and on FF the Side Effects… content begins around the soccer players knee but on Chrome it begins around his shoulder where it should begin.



Huh, weird. I had Firebug open, and that made the text jump up. If I close FB and reload the page, the text drops. Not sure why, though.

TBH, I prefer it that way. The text gets partly covered by the blue section in Chrome, which is kind of annoying.

Maybe can move the content down a bit but I think by his knne is too far down. Any idea how I can solve it so looks the same on each browser.