Finding the right class

I need to round the corners on the purple tab on my menu so I know I need to do say border-radius: 2px; but I can’t find what class to do it on


It looks like you found the right element as you have a 2px border-radius on “#top-menu > ul > li > .menu-item-wrap{}”

However you could more simply have applied it just to “.menu-item-wrap {}” as there are no other border-radius styles to over-ride that I could see.

ah right, i see, what I wanted to do is take away the chicp on the right, how is that done?


The cut out on the right corner is placed there absolutely using the :before pseudo class where a [URL=“”]mitred border is placed over the tab to produce a cut-out effect.

You can hide it by setting it to display:none here:


I’m not sure what change it was exactly but I seem to have lost my social icons in the top right. I’ve played around with the margin but can’t find them.
How do I find lost items like this?

the class is: .soc-head-icons


You’ve added a rule to hide them here:

.head-bott {
    display: none;

They were nested inside that element and are now hidden. Remove the display:none and they will be revealed.

Use Firebug for Firefox (or similar tools in other browsers) and you can look at the html and see where things are and the styles that apply to them. Sometimes you need to know where to look to start with but usually you will have a rough idea of where you left something:)

ahh now I see, the social icons are part of the head-bott ( I wanted to remove the line )

So what was the work around for you to see that? I mean when i’m in inspect element how should I look to find such things?

In Firebug I just looked at the general html area where your social buttons were and found that the html for the buttons was grayed out which meant that it had been set to display:none (and as shown in the css panel). You just have to open up the html in Firebug (click +) so that you can see all that section’s html.

It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to find something when you know roughly where you are looking. Just practice and see if you can find it now. It’s mainly a matter of getting familiar with the tools and experimenting and practising.

I mostly use chromes inspect element as firebug confuses me more but some do better than others, I mean firebug does somethings better than chrome and vice versa. I think chrome may have missed that and perhaps firebug showed it as grey. My lesson may be to use the both if the one doesn’t help and I think I should become more aquainted with firebug.

many thanks

Yes, it helps to be familiar with both. I prefer Firebug as I find chrome’s developer tools a little awkward but I know others prefer chrome so it all depends on what you get used to. The main thing is just to keep practising so that you become familiar with it and not forget how you did something the other day.:slight_smile: