FBML: Customizable style <fb:visible-to-connection>

I am using <fb:visible-to-connection> to show a specific content to “fans”, and <fb:else> to show another specific content to non-“fans”.

However, a big area of space is taken up on the page.
I look into the code, I see the “non-suitable” content is hidden by “visibility:hidden” rather than “display:none”

Can the content be set to “display:hidden” so that no blank area is shown up?

Thanks a lot!

well i spent many hard head scratching to make things perfectly work in facebook application…
now they are turning it off…(:
but i am not surprised…it is/was very common with facebook platform…
they do things without any second thought and later sweeps it ruthlessly…
i have seen dozens of fmbl tags deprecated…profile boxes…and many more…
so not surprised…

Hope that FMJS will be replaced by standard Javascript in the coming future
(or even jQuery is allowed :D)


We’ll see. I read the other day that Facebook is dropping FBML support in favour of iframes and straight HTML.

That could be good news for people like us.

One less proprietary language to learn for starters!


I have found out the solution.

Set the first div as:

  • position: relative;
  • top: 0px;
  • left: 0px;

Set the second div as:

  • position: absolute;
  • top: 0px;
  • left: 0px;

And it solves the problem.
But hopefully facebook can work on this issue…


I’ve been having the same trouble.

I couldn’t figure it out so wound up using a workaround of having the[/FONT] <fb:else> be a background image in a div, and <fb:visible-to-connention> [FONT=“Georgia”]be content inside that div (therefore covering up the background image).