Favorite Color

My favourite color is purple coz its show the royalty What is your favourite color?

And I was thinking that 999999 is 666666 if you turn the numbers… and you know that 666 is the number of the devil… and it shows twice in the same number…so maybe, unconsciously, you were showing your true, devilish (x2) nature… :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually do really like 666666 as well, thought it was maybe a little over the top though. I mean I was already heartily laughing about a red carpet masking spilled blood! :shifty:

Ok. This makes me wonder how many you’ve killed… and who have you killed lately… but then, I’m scared to hear the answer…

sunshine yellow … but I have never found a use for it in any of my websites. (:

Orange :smiley:

Sky Blue or Royal Blue. I think they might be the same thing.

Definitely red. The more red I have in my place the better. Particularly in my bedroom’s carpeting, because it hides the blood.

I like all color coz every color has his own specialty that’s why i like all color.

favourite { color: #000937 }

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My favourite color is red.

I’m a 999999 or an AAAAAA kinda dude.

I’ve always loved Blue or Green :slight_smile:

Yellow - though not on websites :smiley:

My favourite colour in Summer is Blue, and in winter is red.

While you’re not 666666…:stuck_out_tongue: