Favorite Color-Picker Site?

What is your favorite website for picking colors for your HTML/CSS pages??

(And why do you feel that way??)

This one seems pretty good…

Color Schemer Online v2



Lots more here:


This is my favorite, and I’ve used quite a few:

I don’t use an online app, I use the commercial Color Schemer Studio because it blows every online solution out of the water. :slight_smile:

I was teasin’… :stuck_out_tongue:

So what does that cost?

Do they have it for Mac?

If you had to choose from something online that was free - as an alternative - what would be your recommendation?


Nope, I just like using a program that offers me a greater range of options to help me pick the right colors for the job. That and it has some neat tools to ensure colors will appear properly for people with varying degrees of color blindness, something none of the online options do - which is worrying for web accessibility). :slight_smile:

Ahhh… one of those “color scheme snobs”?! :goof: