Basic design course/material to gain knowledge of layouts, color combinations


I have been designing websites for some time now and my knowledge of HTML and CSS is pretty ok. But I lack color combination/layout etx. thinking power. I have to look for inspirations elsewhere on the web before I design a website and even then the website I design are not that ‘crisp’.

I have trouble figuring out the layout designs all by myself (without copying that of some websites - inspiration you could say), the lovely color combinations that good web designers are capable of getting, the typography elements…I am not able to do that.

If I get a pre-made design, I am able to code it in HTML and CSS nicely.

Any suggestions on how I could improve on these skills online or through some crash course. I can’t join a full time design course because I work and I don’t have tat kind of money.

Any help will be really appreciated.

Practice combining colors or set colors against each other. Play with the colors, it would make you feel at ease with color schemes.

You can try these:

Whenever I am asked to build a company website, I always have a look at some of the company’s competitors’ websites to see what they have done and how they can be improved. Then you have to take into account your client’s current colour scheme for all their stationery and advertising material and general branding.

If you need additional colours, or even if you have to start from scratch, I would suggest having a look at this interactive colour scheme generator which I use often.

Regarding improving your design skills, if you google something like “graphic design courses” you should get lots of hits. Try to find a course (online or otherwise) that suits your needs.

Another option, if you have access to a local library you might be able to borrow some books on graphic design.