Failed to parse source map

Please this is what am facing :point_down:

Please should I temporary source map? Though that’s what chat gpt told me the chat.openai website told me as part of the options to do to clear it temporary in my .env file
Or pls what are ur opinions I tried looking for the source map to rectify the issue but since am new to this error like this I just couldn’t locate it, this is the first time am experiencing something like this

This is only a warning telling you, that the source of a used library you have included is not available for debugging. Normally you can ignore this warning as you will not debug this code anyways

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Yeah but I am not able to create a new account so I can view the website I created. Like immediately I click register button this thing shows up in my terminal but there’s no error in my developer tools section in my browser

So there is a bug in your software, but this has nothing to do with this warning.

You need to add some console.log in your code to debug what’s going on

Okay sir I did that but the issue is that my api isn’t been fetched though, I did a work through the problems so different problems or eerors keep showing.
For this particular issue I used npm install source map loader based on info I got online to remove the error. It cleared the error but ended up removing some important files like antd.css file. Please sir is it important I use antd.css or antd.min.css file in the latest updated antd version in my code even though it has been removed after years of antd been updated to antd.js or antd.min.js file bcos in website it was saying I should include antd.min.css using link rel…Below is what chat gpt said

Your Page So it also said I should try getting the right CDN url from antd design documentation

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