Extracting the data from excel sheet using javascript/jquery

Can anyone tell me how to extract the data from excel using the javascript/jquery ?
I tried on IE using ActiveXObject, it was working fine but I tired for looking up how to do it on firefox and in chrome.
Please someone help me with the small working example?
Waiting for the reply eagerly! Thanks in advance!

I would suggest using a library such as SheetJS, which gives you the ability to parse spreadsheets.

Hi Paul,
I tried out this before but this gives an error _fs is undefined. Tried a lot on google but no luck!!
Any other example is there?

Does the demo page result in any issues with the spreadsheet that you’re wanting to use?

If things go well there, then it sounds like you are missing a dependency somewhere.

Yes, this demo page is working fine.But I got stuck in my own example.You seems right I am missing something. Can you send simple example of extracting data from excel based on your suggested tutorial?

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