Read Data From Excel

Does anyone knows how to make a webpage that will read data from an excel cell on specfic day and time?

Use Date to check the day and time, and here’s info on reading and parsing excel files

I don’t understand the parsing part, Is it posssible for you to show me an example?

That’s strange, did you look further? Such as at the js-xls page that has details on parsing and working with workbooks?

I am kinda lost with the code

Well I can’t make it easier to understand than that documentation page there.

The only other way it seems to make things easier for you is for me to do all of the coding for you, and I am not doing that today.

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I will apprecite if you can do a sample and show me whenever you have the time

Did you read the js-xlsx page which gives you a link to complete examples of using the excel library?

If you didn’t see it, some complete examples are at the JS-XLS (BIFF5/BIFF8/XML) Live Demo page.

I checked out and I think it is not what I want (I might be wrong to say) But I am trying to read an excel “CELL” For example at 10am display column 1 row 1 etc.

In that case you should read the js-xlsx documentation more carefully. Especially the section titled Working with the Workbook

Yes, I keep on throwing you back to the information that you have already been given and should have seen.

Thank you paul. I’m stll kinda lost.

	decode: function b64_decode(input, utf8) {
			var o = "";
			var c1, c2, c3;
			var e1, e2, e3, e4;
			input = input.replace(/[^A-Za-z0-9\+\/\=]/g, "");
			for(var i = 0; i < input.length;) {
				e1 = map.indexOf(input.charAt(i++));
				e2 = map.indexOf(input.charAt(i++));
				e3 = map.indexOf(input.charAt(i++));
				e4 = map.indexOf(input.charAt(i++));
				c1 = e1 << 2 | e2 >> 4;
				c2 = (e2 & 15) << 4 | e3 >> 2;
				c3 = (e3 & 3) << 6 | e4;
				o += String.fromCharCode(c1);
				if (e3 != 64) { o += String.fromCharCode(c2); }
				if (e4 != 64) { o += String.fromCharCode(c3); }
			return o;

Don’t mess around with that. Do not change any of the library code that’s used to get the excel file.
Instead, use it to retrieve the content of excel file itself so that you can then work with it.

Is it possible for you help me with a start off?

That there is what the Parse and Read Excel Files tutorial is purposely designed to help you with.

This is hard!

What of the Installation section of the js-xlsx documentation are you having trouble with?

  • Install
  • Parse the workbook
  • Working with the Workbook

Those are the three sections of the js-xlsx documentation that will get you working.

I just don’t how to start

Start with the Installation