Extracting data from Google Calendar

Hi all

I’ve been using google calendars for some time now and very happy.
What I’d like to do is extract the data(events) somehow so I can add my own markup and styling.

Wondering is there a way to get the data from google’s default calendar so I can output things as I’d like?
Basically, remove the calendar all together and just have the content.

I’d still like the calendar to automatically update with new events.

Thanks, Barry

Is this what you’re looking for?

Cheers Force Flow.

I think this is exactly what I’m looking for some learning to do (restful, api, json) but this is just what I need.
Looking over the documentation now.

Thanks for taking the time to share :cool:


Seems very complex once I setup the account and activate the google calendar API.
Talking about Google Cloud storage, API & Auth, building apps and billing process amongst other things, slightly out of my depth though keen to learn what all this means.

I think the easiest way would be to export the calendar events as JSON then style and show some how with PHP.

Is this something you’ve done yourself Force Flow?

Thanks, Barry

Sorry, I’ve never had occasion to work with pulling data from Google Calendar myself.

However, it sounds like you’re looking at options that you might actually not need just for getting started. Did you see the “getting started” tutorials?

Did you see the “getting started” tutorials?

Yes checked this. Its like a jungle of handlers and just can’t figure out what I need.

After looking over the links on PHP post can’t find anything with a simple process to get this done.
Been working on this for hours yesterday without success (: