How to pull data from google drive spreadsheets?

Is there a way to pull the content from google drive spreadsheet fields and echo them into a webpage? I’m building a website where the client wants to be able to update weekly events. This is the only section of the site that really needs cms functionality and I don’t want to build (or implement) a formal cms if I don’t have to. I though this might be a way to make a really lightweight cms.

The spreadsheet would only have several columns (month, day, event title, event description)

Basically I would want to loop through each row (starting with the 2nd) and echo the field contents.

Any ideas?

Is this something that just can’t be done or too much hassle to mess with? Are there any other solutions to really simple cms for when only one page with pull information from it?

A quick search using “google spreadsheets server-side API” revealed that link though I’ve never actually used that API myself.