Expression Web 4 and HTML5

Hi all,

so I got a free copy of Expression Web through Dream Spark and I quite like it so far. However, I’m trying to write some HTML5, using EW’s HTML5 Doctype setting and I keep getting messages like:

“In HTML5 the tag <header> is not permitted”

This goes for all HTML5 elements - nav, header, hgroup, article, section…

Does this mean that Expression Web doesn’t support HTML5 elements, even though you can set your document’s doctype to HTML5?

Microsoft fixed the problem with HTML5 now:

Hello Aledcoe,

Expression web 4 ONLY support the Doctype of HTML5 … all the great tags like <header>, <section>, etc… is not supported!

and as far as I know Microsoft released Expression Web 4 to support HTML5 but i don’t see that also like you.!

I’ve made a little snippet for expression web 4 to test HTML5 you can check it here:

And please let me know if you need any help :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get an answer here too:

I can’t believe how angry people can get at the mere mention of HTML5! Worth a read if you fancy a laugh. :smiley: