Problem in header and footer at internet explorer

hi friends, i need your help

plz open in IE, and check header and footer, things going vertically, i attached screenshot as reference


The problem is that your using HTML5 elements that only work in IE9+ and modern browsers, to fix this you will need to use the HTML5 shiv and the below CSS which simulates the elements in older browsers.

footer,header,hgroup,menu,nav,section {

actually my developer did this, so i ve to request him to edit tags for lower browsers as well?

Yes, but you also need to add HTML shiv because IE8 and down doesn’t recognize HTML5 tags. It ignores them.

thanks, my developer fixed :slight_smile:

Or tell your developer not to jump on the {omitting the expletive for now} bandwagon by NOT relying on some rubbish javascript idiocy and instead SHOCK use a RECOMMENDATION doctype since HTML 5 isn’t just NOT ready for real world deployment, it offers ZERO REAL WORLD IMPROVEMENT OVER HTML 4.01 STRICT

If anything, the loosening of the structural rules and nonsensical redundant tags set coding practices BACK a decade… which is why throwing some bloated scripted ‘shiv’ at it is stupid when the REAL answer is “Don’t use HTML 5” – problem solved.

Of course, since the site in question appears to be a wordpress skin, about 60% of the markup belongs in the trash in the first place… like all those stupid pointless bloated classes it throws on EVERYTHING for no good reason.

Here’s a test for your “developer” – if they don’t know what’s wrong with:
<li id=“menu-item-22411” class=“menu-item menu-item-type-taxonomy menu-item-object-category menu-item-22411”>

It’s time to find another developer.

thanks, i let him know

That’s just WordPress, there is no simple way to modify what it outputs for menus and such.

Doesn’t mean it can’t be a test.

… and yet there’s a sitepoint article on fixing it…

… and that’s also one of the lame excuses isn’t it? Why yes, it is…

Don’t just accept that your IDE/framework/CMS creates junk by default.

… and as mentioned, it’s one really nice test, since if you don’t know what’s wrong with it, you probably shouldn’t be writing site skins in the first place… which says a LOT about the people behind wordpress when it comes to the front end. (as opposed to the idiocy on the back end like putting the mysql un/pw in defines or near total lack of wrapping all code apart from the ‘start’ resulting in “security, what’s that?”)


That article proves my point exactly that it’s not an easy way of removing the extra values from the markup, if it was an easy method for doing so everyone would be using it but i haven’t seen one theme implement this thus far so i don’t consider my comment to be a lame excuse.[/ot]