Expiry date of web hosting

What is the way to check the expiry date of a website. Actually someone hosted my site on my behalf. I do not have password etc. My host is Jkookserver.

i forgot to add my url in my previous post which was about checking of hosting expiry. My site is careerscompany.com

You cannot know when the hosting expires, you can only know when the domain registration does.

You need to use whois: http://whois.domaintools.com/careerscompany.com

Created: 2009-03-26
Expires: 2010-03-26

May I ask a question? Are you interested in expiration date for the web hosting account or the one for the domain name? As Dan showed it seems domain name is not about to expire.

The hosting expiry date is set as per the pricing details and renewals at the host, their sales would be able to help you.

I assume you will get notifications about that from your web hosting service provider near to the expiration date

Do not you think that these notifications will be e-mailed to the address that was used for the payment transaction? It seems riazishere is not the one who paid for the hosting, thus most likely he won’t receive notifications.

You should contact the hosting company directly, explain the situation, I believe they will assist you with the question.

He should have account there and he had used email for the registration. And this email is being used for the notifications.

I am asking about web hosting account. Domain name in not the issue for me.

This is very useful site about domain information. But i am looking for hosting account detail.

Get in touch with the hosting company, have you tried to do that?

There is no other option other than contacting your host to know the expiration of current billing period.

You can either contact the host provider and get the information from them. If you do so, you can also get your account information updated so that all future notifications are sent out to your email. Other way would be to contact the person who got the website hosted on your behalf.

I believe yoiu can create a ticket and ask about that you web hosting provider.
I believe that is the best way to specify everything around

Well, I am using hostgator and they didn’t mailed me in order to pay the money.
I myself had to go and check and then pay it. :frowning:

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Thats really bad, the host should email you telling you that a payment is due.

You could try emailing the host, pretending too be the customer and asking when the next payment is due.

Don’t you have any record from sign-up process, an order or some kind of welcome e-mail message? If you don’t have any, you’d better contact the hosting provider. I don’t think there is a way to find out where does your account expire without calling the web host…

Well, I am using hostgator and they didn’t mailed me in order to pay the money.
Their system should automatically do that. Report the situation and see what can be done. Maybe the email was filtered by some anti-spam solution that you’re employing?

Riazishere, have you finally got the information you need?

From a Google search of Jkookserver, I get a parked page for jkookserver.com. http://jkookserver.com/