Expandable css div

Hi all,

As i spoke in my other post i have a main div called content that contains an background image how can i increase the height of this without using overflow css propety with scroll bar option?

i i want to expand the height of the image without it being repeated or making changes in photoshop? so how can i do this?


Basically you can’t resize a background images with CSS—assuming you mean dynamically. You have to choose a size for it and stick with that. The image can scale if you lace it in the HTML, but this is not very practical.

There are JavaScript solutions for this, though.

use JavaScript

Okay do you have any javascript functions or css function to do the trick i thought i could use overscrolling auto but the scroll bar looks ugly in my design. im wanting to make my background image stretch if you say Javascript are you able to give me somthing i can start with i found quiet a few javascript image stretcher but not sure on how to use them,

do you have any that has worked out well for you?


You can try this. http://www.visibilityinherit.com/code/eqaul-height-columns.php