Excel 2 SQLite

Good day people.

Have a question to you, exactly as the title says, I need to convert one big excel file (about 10000 rows) to an sqlite database. I know excel can be saved as csv, xml etc. than it is possible to write a script for example in PHP which will parse this csv and insert into SQLite. But what would you recommend ? Which way is the best ? Maybe there is already some application which can do the trick…

Thx in advance, Max.

Hi, check SQLite Database Browser tool that can import data from CSV files: File -> Import -> From CSV file

P.S. Not “than”, but “then” :slight_smile:

Thx, just downloaded this proggy (v 1.2.1), dunno maybe I`m doing something wrong but when i click File -> Import -> Table from CSV file, then I select my 10000 row file, this tool only imports the first row of the first column and nothing more, besides, all russian becomes the mix of some weird symbols… Seems to be an encoding problem or something… Any help is greatly appreciated!

Eh… Exactly =)