Import excel file into mysql

hello guys
i want to import excel file with 5 coulms into mysql database.
Note: the file that will be imported with extention (.xls) without converting it to .csv

please i want it very fast
thanks and best regards

If you want it very fast, maybe you should hire expert help rather than posting on a topic that helps people learn to do stuff themselves.

Note then that you will have problems importing the data correctly.

See the manual for LOAD DATA INFILE on importing your spreadsheet.

If you want to import an .xls file into mysql just once you can use an sql program such as HeidiSql or others and use an already made import script (note: if you go with Heidi you will have to convert to csv)

You can look up other programs on :google:

Another option, since it sounds like you are going to do this often, you can always OBDC connect to a mysql table with Excel. (I know you can do it with Access so I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do it with Excel) But it’s a complex setup and not fast if you’ve never done it before. But once it is set up you don’t have to worry about it much anymore.