Exact Match Domains


I purchased several domains including localcriminaldefense.co, duiattorneyaction.com, entirepersonalinjury.com, theduidwiattorneys.com, and entirefilingbankruptcy.com 1-2 years ago.

I am ready to develop a couple of these sites, but now with the new EMD update, I am wondering if it would be worth it to work on these domains or should I just give them up and start fresh with something new?


Pandas and other animals aside, the jury is out on this - and probably will always be out. What I tell people is to skip the SEOish antics, and build it. Build it, and they will come: surfers and robots. A content-rich site with lots of back links and engaging content that is updated on a regular basis will do well.

Hi Dan, thanks for your reply…this was also my thought (forget about SEO / trying to appease Google and just build it and provide good content) I just wanted to hear some other peoples’ input. Cheers

Google mainly hit the thin content / weak EMDs. If you develop thick, original and most importantly, useful content then you’ll have no problem. I do a simple ‘usefulness’ test on any site I develop - is it interesting for a human to read? Does it answer a question or offer as solution to a problem they may have?

If the answer is yes, then good. If no, then continue developing.

I have a number of EMDs that I develop as a hobby (hosting is full time) and those that were good, thick-content ones were the ones that did well. An example is [noparse]www.ultravioletplayer.tv[/noparse] - lots of articles that answer real questions on UltraViolet.


If you are create EMD site and you are posting just one or few articles then it is think content and your site won’t be given higher ranking, your site should look good in terms of content, try to have at least 30 pages with fresh and quality content, then it is good with EMD as well.

Isn’t that just what I posted above?

Just Google any phrase and you’ll see that the top results almost always have a search query in their domain name. “Almost Always” is very important though, as nothing can guarantee you a top ranking, no matter what they say. So I guess the best way would be to have all title and description meta tags relevant to your domain name. Try Googling “tasty sandwich recipes” for example -you’ll get domain name with these words, even though it has “0” links! Why? Because it has “sandwich” in each of the title tags. That’s what you call SEO.

In total agreement here. Don’t look at the value of the domains from an SEO perspective. Are they brandable? Some of them seem to be (though a bit long). If you that build direct traffic from social media and quality sources, the SERP traffic should follow - but only if you’re building true value on those domains.

As per my experience, website/blog with EMD keyword still worth to created as long as the site full with content. Content is the key to pawn Panda, Penguin and EMD updates. For me, there’s need to worry about the up coming updates if you have high quality content.

I tried purchasing a few domains with keyword rich terms. Does not seem to help much at present. I think everyone is right. Focus on content and you will eventually move up fast.