Please help:) on ranking down after "Low Quality" Exact Match Domains

My all sites hosted on <snip> IP

My all sites result has been gone on EMD update.

I have changed my sites content, design, and also removing some bad link but not response at that time.

So please help.

I asked multiple times on this topic but no one answered me.

So please please…… help me.

[FONT=Verdana]Hi SEORajesh and welcome to the forums.

How many sites are involved and are they all linked to each other?

Simply changing your content will not help, unless you have also improved the quality of it. Google has no reason to rank your sites at all, unless it considers that the content is unique and useful. If you are sure that you have improved the quality of your content, then I think you’ll just need to be patient and wait for Google to crawl your sites again and re-evaluate them.


The good news: it can take quite a while for all sites to be re-indexed after a major update, so it is possible your rankings will improve without doing anything at all.
The bad news: too many websites are actually of fairly poor quality with little useful content and high ranking was due to blackhat. From you question, I suspect that your ranking was more due to loads of fake links, than content quality.

Give us the links to your website and maybe we can help you. It’s hard for us to solve your problem without seeing the problem first.

Why don’t you put your site up for a review in the relevant section? That should give you some pointers on how to improve it.


Because all review requests, including SEO reviews, should be made through the Reviews & Critiques forum, in accordance with its [URL=“”]guidelines.

You can request general advice and information in this forum, but not a review of a specific site.

That’s the way to do it. :slight_smile:


My Sites Details are

SEORajesh - please read my post above. You may not ask for a site review in this forum. Please do not post site details here.

As far as I know, EMD algorithm penalized only if you are focusing the targeted keyword which is same in your domain name again and again. So, better you check your back links and try to eliminate all the low quality backlinks and try to promote your website with some other keywords and make variation in your targeted keywords .