Error :The requested url /users/view is not found on this server


I have installed the WAMP server in my windows machine .I have downloaded a simple cakephp application called “samplecake” from net and copy that application to c:WAMP/www And try to run the application using http:localhost/samplecake then it shows the login page (in routes.php i have redirected the ‘/’ to users/login).In my controller the afterlogin redirect to /users/view , But after the successful login it will redirect to /users/view

but it shows an error:Not Found

The requested URL /users/view was not found on this server.

I have tried all the actions that are present in user_controller like /users/add, /users/edit but it shows the same error Not Found he requested URL /users/add was not found on this server

How can i solve this Not found url problem if anyone knows please help me thanks in advance…

Did you check the directory and make sure that the files are there?

yes the files are there i think this is due to the apache configuration

Do you have the .htaccess files in the www dir, and have you enabled the Apache mod_rewrite (or rewrite_module, can’t remember how WAMP calls it nowadays) enabled?
You can enable this module from the icon in the system tray.