Embedding/Incorporating Tumblr into website

I’m making a site for a friends buttons company Think Twice Buttons. I was looking for an easy way for him to make frequent updates while also being able to update Facebook and Twitter and save him the trouble of posting from multiple sites. I decided tumblr would most likely be my easiest option.

My problem, I goto the goodies page on tumblr and get the small line of code that puts my tumblr feed straight onto the homepage of his site. From here I’m lost. The style sheet I already have attached changes the font type, color, etc but what I need to do is for it to only display the most recent posts, say the last 5, and also float the information right as I will have a twitter widget on the left.

I currently have it under my domain @ Think Twice Buttons.

If anyone has any suggestion or can help it would be much appreciated!

Hi Welcome to Sitepoint :slight_smile:

Sorry but I have no knowledge of Tumblr but have found a few links that may be of interest. It looks as though you will need to script the changes if you want the results modified.

As far as styling the page goes then that’s just basic css and you just need to disect the code and style it with your own rules accordingly.

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