Rss Feed not working on Tumblr

I have created a page om Tumblr and subscribe to tumblr RSS to import my Rss feed. But still my RSS Feed is not show. How can i show my RSS FEED to tumblr.
Do i need to enter each link of my post manually.
Here is the link of my page :

The default RSS feed for a Tumblr page can be accessed by adding /rss to the domain, e.g. mydomain . tumblr . com /rss [minus the spaces; avoiding links as much as possible]. Have you tried that? Or have you tried using Feedburner instead?


You can avoid links by not using www. or http:// at the start of the URL. Alternatively, if you’re using the Advanced view, uncheck “Automatically parse links in text” in Additional Options below the reply box. Or you can manually type [noparse][noparse][/noparse][/noparse] tags round the URL. :)[/ot]

I have tried “” it won’t I am afraid i need to enter each post manually as i did in facebook