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I want to create a email news letter. Already I finished the PSD layout. Now I want to embed the design in mail with different link. It would be of much help if any one can put in important bits of advise regarding the same.

Please allow me to recommend that you search for “email newsletters” using your favorite search engine. I believe you will find any number of resources - some paid, some free.

I agree with @ronpat. It’s better to use a template created by someone else and use it. Look in Mailchimp or Campain Monitor. They do offer templates for free and it is likely that you adapt your design to an existing template.

Email coding can be a complete headache because you really need to check everything in every major (and, depending on your market, not so major) email client, web based or not


No I want to use my own gmail id or webmail id. then what can I do now?

You can still use the template. Simply download it, change it in your computer, make the changes and send it from your e-mail client to your gmail. The re-send, deleting all the information from the previous message, as desired.

Or you can use the e-mail creator the these services include. It will allow you to create the e-mail directly. And then, send a test directly to your e-mail. Then resend as desired (after deleting the unwanted subject, etc)

You can create your own HTML emails and send them from your own email account, but you need to be careful, as your ISP can easily get the idea that you’re sending out spam. So you have to be careful not to send too much at once etc.

As said, HTML email is a messy business, and there’s a lot to be said for services like MailChimp that take a lot of the pain out of it, and are optimized for sending out email. I think you can use MailChimp free for a certain amount, too.

Yest but should I be using the inline CSS or will I be uploading the CSS & images in a separate server to call for HTML coding.

Normally with HTML email you have to hold your nose, close your eyes and code like it’s 1999—using HTML tables and inline CSS. Some email clients these days can handle CSS in the head of the email, too—but to cover all bases the code is best inserted inline. Forget about external CSS files, though.

Normally you’d host the images somewhere online and link to them. You can embed them via base64 encoding, but some clients will reject that.

Why don’t you ask some of the services, such as MailChimp, what kind of input they accept from their customers?

@ralphm Thank you sir,

I have fully understood.


I know some service provider provide the service but I am keen to know about the back end work regarding such services.I did get a hint of a solution from @ralphm regarding the problem.

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