Creating HTML Newsletter to email

Hi Folks,

Is there any software or similar to create a basic newletter with images?

I can only think of a manual way, creating the html, slicing up my image, upload the images to a website and sending the email out as html.

That would take me quite a while to make, can anyone think of a quicker way?

Many thanks

You can use Letterpop and PG Newsletter. Both will charge little amount only. Or if you plan to use any Email Marketing Software , there will be in-built module for creating newsletter.

I’m assuming that you just want something for email, and not a page on web?

I like Mail Chimp for some of my clients; they have a bunch of templates that work well, and they are really easy to use, plus they help with a lot of the more annoying parts of sending out an email newsletter such as subscriptions and mail management.


to clarify, they are an online service and free if you are only sending out a few (less than 2000) emails a month.

Thanks for your replies

For something quick go with a Mailchimp template, for something custom you’ll treat it like a website designed with tables.

Campaign monitor is an awesome resource for getting started with emails (I dont use the service, but enjoy them as a resource) 100+ free HTML email templates | Campaign Monitor

My advice is DON’T… but then I configure my servers to refuse to relay e-mails that have HTML in them, since no LEGITIMATE e-mail traffic needs HTML in it and it’s about ten times better a spam block than spamassassin.

A lot of people would disagree with you about legitimate emails not being formatted in HTML. Not saying you’re wrong, necessarily, but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to conclude that any email formatted in HTML is by default illegitimate. Personally, I’m sick of email clients that don’t handle HTML in a modern, clean, valid fashion, with MS Outlook being by far the worst offender.

If I rejected all emails with HTML, I’d never hear from my bank or brokerage again. Yeah, there’s a smart move! :rolleyes:

I get almost no spam at all, but lately, the few pieces I’ve gotten have, in fact, been plain text.

Can anyone tell me how to send html emails in outlook 2003?

I have html format selected, but once I copy and paste the source in the body of a new mail, it just appears as text.

We currently email a link to download the newsletter as a pdf from a website. An email version would be alot neater, but I don’t want something too time comsuing html/css wise.

Thanks again

You say that like it’s a bad thing – 99% of e-mails I was getting from my bank were stupid pointless crap about trying to get me to subscribe to their latest insurance scam.

“Can anyone tell me how to send html emails in outlook 2003?”

It isn’t a great idea if you really have enough folks that putting together a newsletter is a reasonable thing. Outlook doesn’t handle doing hundreds of emails at a time well, IME. I mean, maybe I haven’t done it well, but it doesn’t seem like there is a good way of managing it. You are better off with a third party web application.

“My advice is DON’T”

Is your advice not to send out mass emails in general, or to not use appropriate formatting measures to make the emails easier to read?

The services I use will just go ahead and send a text-based email to your server anyway, so I don’t see the point in not sending HTML to the folks who can handle it.

To use full HTML when composing a message in Outlook, I believe you not only have to choose HTML as the format, but you also need to choose MS Word as the message editor.

(Don’t you love it when you ask a “how to do it” question in here, and what you get, instead of an answer, is a bunch of gasbag opinions about why you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place? :rolleyes: )

Hello, mattastic

If you have a Hosting plan with Fantastico, you can create a newsletter with “PhpList”
This manages a “mailing list” with images, links and text.

You only must install from Fantastico


Its fairly simple to even create a simple HTML template using dreamweaver but if you are looking for excellent results then you will have to learn some advanced HTML and inline css coding skills as with experience you will notice deliverability and comaptibiity with mutiple browsers is the biggest issue with newsletters.