Email marketing tool?

We have a furniture eshop and we’d lile to start using email marketing. We have cca 10k emails. What tool would you recommend me? is a popular choice, BUT you need to make sure any emails you send to have specifically opted in to receive newsletters from you, else you could find your domain blacklisted for spamming. Really strongly recommended, but can be pricey.

hmm, I don’t have more money, my site don’t many people known this, have you tool free help me?

That’s a really small list, you can use any of the big esp’s for free. mailchimp, sendgrid, icontact etc’

If cost is an issue you could install and run from your own server, is a good choice, it’s been around for years, is in ongoing development and has important features like batch sending.

I’d take a look at GetResponse — it’s a solid choice regardless of the size of your project. I
was previously using other tools, but so far this one has performed the best for me.

I highly recommend staying away from Exact Target / Sales Force. I worked with them for a year and their customer service is terrible and solutions very dated. One that I would recommend is Bronto. You will want to look for a complete solution unless you have developers on hand to build emails, configure them, and deploy them. Services like sendgrid are just an API. You have to create the templates from hand and deploy them all manually through their API. Where as Bronto is a full service solution for email campaigns. I think Mailchimp is a similar full service solution though that is one I’ve never used.

Most used email marketing tools are limus, mail chimp, reach mail, target hero, cake mail and mail jet. There are still many tools you can search about them.

@piyag723: simply posting a list of tools is not very helpful to the OP, who could have easily found the same list with an Internet search.

Do you have any experience of using any of these tools? Can you recommend one - and give reasons for your recommendation? Is there one you gfound hard to use and would advise others to stay away from?

My suggestion to you is that you can create personal emails and do email marketing using mozilla thunderbird by sending emails. In this way of email marketing you can get more leads that will benefit your business. If you want to use tools then i will recommend Moonmail and Mailchimp.

As the OP has never returned, there seems little point in continuing to offer suggestions.

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