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I am going to use a plugin called “Layered Popups” for my website to have people sign up for upcoming sales and info. I have one offer going out that is a 15% off the next purchase but this will only be for NEW customers. I am using MailChimp so MailChimp will not add the person if it is a duplicate, however, I am not sure at this time if the applicant will be notified of this through the plugin. I am guessing not. if the person is new, I was wondering if anyone has enough experience with MailChimp to know if I can set up a autoresponder to send the discount code to new email addresses and if their email already exists, send another email letting them know that they can not have access to the discount code.

If you have any other solutions to this please share.

Many thanks,

Hello Houston,
I tried to dig up some info on this for you and it seems MailChimp offers a paid plugin that seems to do what you need…
I can’t say for sure as I don’t have personal experience with this.


Thank you HTH. That is much appreciated. I am not that familiar with MailChimp so I am not sure I would have even thought they offered such a solution so thank you.

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