Email link not working

I can’t figure out whty the email link on the bottom of this page does not work on screen with a resolution bigger than 940 pixels. :eek:

Hi Corobori,

For screen with a resolution bigger than 940 pixels there is a DIV named #boxed-page-shadow with z-index: 2 that is positioned over the Contact Info text and so it’s impossible to access the link.
To see what is happening open the firebug (or your preferable tool) and set #boxed-page-shadow { background: rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.5) }
Also, set #boxed-page-shadow { z-index: -1 } and the link will be accessible.

Hi Mauricio,

Solved, muito obrigado.

I would like to know you saw this issue. I tried chasing down this issue with Firebug and Opera Dragonfly but I would never be able to this issue.

Hi Corobori,
A faced this issue a couple of times and learned how to solve it (a bit of experience?)
The short ansewer is: when :hover doesn’t work firstly look for elements positioned over text with z-index greater than the text element :wink:

And, from now you are able to solve this issue too. :smiley: