Mailto links not working

The mailto links will not work. If I remove the css file they work fine. My other links work fine.

The links are the email address and the image “Ask the Experts”.

Thanks for the help.

Hmm, not on the page you linked to above…

thanks again. I think it is ok now.

Part of the problem is you have multiple style sheets with the same rules in them. You have to remove the #nobar height in two separate sheets, and the #carousel-holder height in two sheets. I tested it and it works.

I removed all I can without changing the height of center image and uploaded it. Still not working.

Not all of them. See #nobar {height: 475px} for example.

Thanks so very much. After countless hours of trying to fix this…I so appreciate it.

I removed the lines you suggested. The link button (nautic consultancy group) works on a pc but not on a Apple.

You have a lot of rules duplicated through your stylesheets, which makes life very hard. You only need to state a rule once.

Anyway, there are multiple instances of heights set on thise elements:
that are covering over the email link.

Just remove all those height settings.


#carousel-holder {
	width: 960px;
	margin: 0 auto;
	position: relative;
	display: block;
	[COLOR="Red"]height: 400px; /* remove this line, or reduce the height */[/COLOR]
	padding: 19px 0 19px 0;