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Hi there,

I have just seen the following in my GA:

Can anyone explain what is?

Does it mean someone has visited from an email with my website link in?

I currently send out daily newsletters, but have never seen this before and always thought email clicks were direct as I don’t have any tracking code on them at the moment.

If anyone can shed some light on this, that would be great!

I would imagine it’s because someone’s email link went through a filtering agent.

Someone puts into their email a link to Sends it to a friend.

The email server spots a link, and replaces it with a link to so that they can filter and process it for whatever reason (attempted security checks, spam prevention, whatever).

So the user’s browser, when the email link is clicked, goes to, which does its thing, and then forwards the user to - creating a referrer in the process.

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I see, thank you for explaining. I do have a “send to a friend” link on my pages, but it uses whatsapp rather than email, so could it possibly come from that?

If you had any link in your email, then it certainly could - it’s probably not a question of where the link goes really, it’s just “see link. Replace link.” being done at the browser end of a web based email client.

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