Email Verification Software

Hi all

First post, been looking over the forum and a lot of food for thought here, hope to share some thoughts with you all and learn some too!

I inevitably have a question to put to the forum that I wonder if any of you have any thoughts or experience on:

I have an ever growing general contact list (including emails of course) having to be constantly cleansed.

There is some software out there that purports to be able to determine invalid addresses through three methods:

* syntax : incorrectly input / given
* domains: company changes their details and after a period mail is no longer redirected (i.e. takeovers etc)

Lastly - and most of interest to me

* via domain SMTPs - the email verifier gets to the final stage where it logs onto their server checks whether the recipient is still there but doesn't actually deliver the mail. It's like a ghost / test run. Potentially good for me due to the number of redundancies in my demographic.

I wonder how successful this last tactic is?

There’s many programmes offered out there on the www but quite a few are by companies that have the most basic websites so trying to determine whether worth the punt.

My mails go out to business addresses BTW not johndoe at googlemail etc

Any thoughts?

Oh and yes I know some folks here have companies that do emails on your behalf and take care of some of the issues for you. My interest at present relates to how well this stand alone software works on correctly checking via server log-ons (if it works!)


N.B. Here’s one of them: It’s called MailList King FWIW and can be found via Mr Google

I’ve found that verifying the email addresses through SMTPs has been incredibly useful. That being said, I’ve been using for the past 6 months and absolutely love it. They clean my email addresses and remove any emails that bounce so my list stays in good order.

The mail server can be set so as to not acknowledge that an email address exists when you query it even though the address actually does exist if you send mail to it. Therefore you can’t say that an email address doesn’t exist just because you queried if it does. This setting prevents spammers from being able to query the server to find out what email addresses exist.

A lot of servers are also set up so that instead of boincing undeliverable mail that they just delete it instead. So not getting a bounce message doesn’t mean the email was delivered. By deleting rather than bouncing they make sure they are not helping the spammers to spread their spam by not forwarding it to the fake from address in the email that the spammers want to try if the to address doesn’t exist.

The only way to tell if an email address actually does exist is if you send an email to it and get them to either click on a link in the email to confirm they received it or to send you a reply. I recently received such an email that asked me to click a link if I wanted to stay on their mailing list since as far as their system was concerned I’d never opened any of their emails even though I’d actually read all of them.

Thanks both for these two perpsectives. I guess I won’t be doing away with the need for good old human calling / interaction just yet then!

Hyperbolik before you let Mail Chimp take charge of your data what system did you use to use that you found helpful? There are so many out there and like politicians before elections they promise a lot yet perhaps deliver less.

Before I switched to MailChimp I was using Constant Contact. My only gripe with Constant Contact is that they plaster their logo at the bottom of every email. I found that offensive as I was actually paying for their service. MailChimp is completely transparent.