Email design - Outlook 2007

Hi all,

So iv created my tabled email, hosted the imagery and used the absolute path for each of them in my index file. Iv tested the email by going to IE > Tools > send page by email. All appears well in gmail, hotmail, outlook 2003, aol etc etc but outlook 2007 wont display the images, infact the images are there but as an attachment where you can download them individually onto your desktop or wherever, the email is full of image placeholders with red xs?

Anyone know of any ways this problem can be resolved, Iv added the sender email to my safe list, iv unchecked the ‘Dont download images automatically’ option but still no change?

The email is located here if you’d like to try it out yourself The Falcon Black Foam PVC range has just got THICKER


outlook 2007 as well as 2010 uses Word to render html. Those margins and especially the !important declaration can actually throw stuff off even though most css is usually stripped out by online email readers and others.

But, you’ve got a few errors for validation, 6 to be exact, and even though they don’t appear to be directly related to the image rendering issues you’re having, you might try fixing those first.

Also, try emailonacid dot com and the free test you can run. It’s a great service that not only shows renderings in 30+ email viewers, there are tips for specific email clients and even more via the forums.