Edit Box constantly jumping

When I type in a response to a quote, every time I click in the edit box to type in something the cursor jumps back into the last line of the quote and if I am not watching what I am doing I end up changing the quote instead of entering a reply.

It seems the only way to get to where I want to in the edit box is to use the arrow keys as the stupid discourse JavaScript is broken when I use the mouse.

Perhaps it is time for me to start thinking about turning off JavaScript for the SitePoint forum if it is going to break things like this.

Can you give us a recent example of a post you quoted? Did you also have code tags in your response? Any images?

Unfortunately, you can’t interact with Discourse at all with JS disabled.

When we first started testing, there were a number of issues (now fixed - on SitePoint, at least) which meant I had serious difficulty using Discourse with JS enabled. So I used to read with it disabled and toggle it back on to reply. A real pain - so I’m glad we’ve got that much sorted.

There are lots of them. Let’s see what happens with this one.

Some of them also have code blocks such as the one I was entering that led to my starting this thread. So far I don’t seem to be having the problem with this post.

<input type="text" value="test">

still no problem.

Save and then go back to edit the post and the problem occurs.

What browser are you using? I can’t seem to reproduce this in Chrome v37.

Test area:
Playing around, as I want to recreate the problem, so I can figure out how big of a bug it is :smile:

<input type="text" value="my html tag" />

More text

Lets add some more

//another code block, but just comments....

And some more text :wink:

Opera 12 - latest version (ie there are no upgrades available).

Not to be confused with Opera 24 which is a completely different browser that just happens to share part of the same name.