Ecommerce bling

I am helping a friend set up an online eCommerce side.

In order for it to be successful and in order to actually make sales, I think there needs to be something on the web site that gives the buyer confidence that we are on the level and legitimate.

The thing I have noticed on other web sites is an icon from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). But, in the past, I have seen others (when I was not paying attention because I thought I would not have to later think about it.

Can anyone suggest others?

The most important thing is to be completely open about who you are and where people can find you. That means putting, as a minimum, the following information on your site:

  • Official company or sole-trader’s name, address, phone number, etc.

  • Names of important contacts within the company (especially sales and customer service).

  • Any official identifiers, such as company registration number, or whatever is appropriate in your country.

  • Membership of any relevant trade or professional organisations.

  • Either an easy-to-use contact form or an email address.

These items should be reasonably prominent and easy to find.

I don’t know what a “Better Business Bureau” is, but if it is relevant to your market and it will help instil confidence, then by all means include it (assuming you have a legitimate right to do so). But beware of littering the site with too many icons, especially if they are likely to distract attention from your main sales pitch.


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SSL logo is helpful especially during checkout. Also a prominent phone number if appropriate or email if that’s the main contact for sales and support. Usually the upper right corner. Many people also like knowing up front what payment methods are accepted. So having those badges lower on the page but easily visible can help.