How to obtain sample product data feed

I am reposting and following the guidelines sent by Dan so hopefully this acceptable…

We are a German software company and we are working on launching a SaaS site search service for online stores. The problem is that, since we haven’t launched yet, we don’t have English language stores among our customers yet, and we don’t have English-language product feed data to display in our online demo.

Can anyone advise me as to where we can find sample product feed data ( or Google merchant format) so we can build a demo with it like we did on our German shop?

Ideally we are looking for or Google merchant format feeds but we can probably parse and use anything else.

We prefer large product catalogs with complex product names and category structures that are to search.

Thanks in advance to the community.
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Would there be a way to locate publicly exposed shop.xml files which we can use?

One more update and question for you shop masters:

I may have found some XML product feeds in English through Google web searches like: “sku filetype:xml”

However, I am not entirely sure what format they are in. What do you think?
Are these just sitemaps for Google’s crawlers or product feeds for and the like?

Thanks much!

ok after checking two of the links above are sitemaps, and the other one is missing prices and URLs. Anyone available to help us?
Does my question even makes sense?

Please correct me if I am wrong. I thought the whole premise of the “data feed” mechanisms of Google Merchant, Shopzilla, and the like was to offer more exposure to shops against the content value their catalog represent for search pages and the like.
I have failed so far to find any publicly available data feed from any online store. Why? Isn’t that a good thing to expose your catalog data and products to the largest possible number of eyeballs?
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