Ebay partner network account

Hi all,

I have tried to sign up for a ebay partner network account for several times, but I was turned down every time, does anyone know how to get approved? please let me know, thanks.


Hi Tim

Well if you’re in the UK, there’s a company that ebay uses to manage their partner network applications. They’re at www.ro-eye.co.uk and I found them very useful in getting my application accepted. I don’t know if they deal with applications from other countries or not. If they don’t, it might be worth exploring similar companies in the country you’re from.

Hope this helps.


One word… SQUIDOO. Go there, build a great lens. It must be UNIQUE THOUGH – do not copy and paste content in the lens or else it won’t work.

Apply to eBay and let them know you’re a squidoo lensmaster and plan on building many niche lenses and you want to gain access to their rss feeds for better control of revenue. Provide them with the url to your lensmaster’s page as your domain url.

I have yet to hear of anyone being denied that has tried this. Squidoo and eBay have a very close relationship, which is why many people do this when everything else fails.