eBay, how do i make a fancy site storefront and auction template?

Hi all,

I’m really bumbed because I can’t find any information on how to make some of those really flash looking ebay storefronts and auction templates.

Take a look at these for example, how great are they? you will have to add in the http thing infront of the links to work.


How do I make a ebay shop like these?

Are there any guides on how to do it etc.

I can’t understand how there is no information on how to make great looking ebay store like these.

Can anyone show me how to do it?


Whatever you can create in Dreamweaver (or other wysiwyg editor) can be added to your ebay store. Just make sure your image paths are correct, but it’s really not too difficult.

yeah, looks like I just figured that out. I had a look at some more ebay auctions and they all seem to be just code pasted into the HTML tab for the auctions.

Next question, how do I make a border using html. As in have a header and a footer. Then have the left and right black, blue or whatever sides to the page?



Sorry to say but you should hire someone, who can design this for you.

Its not so easy as seems.

That question really depends on a number of things, such as how you plan to layout your store listings (tables vs. CSS) and your ability to create the images that you want to have. Designing for Ebay is really no different than designing any other web page. If you have Adobe/Macromedia Fireworks, or even photoshop (though it may not be as easily done in PS) you can create your framework, slice it up, and export it as html and to be opened in dreamweaver for the final touch-ups.

I’ve done one Ebay store and it really wasn’t any different than creating any other static html page, you just have to make sure your image paths are correct (they’ll get changed in dreamweaver/fireworks). If you’re familiar with this, all you really need to do is create your store shell using these tools, copy your html in to Ebay and then use it as a profile/preset for your store template. We use Blackthorne to manage our store and it stores the html/profile info so all we have to do is create the individual products and apply the theme. I think there may be a similar feature in Turbo Lister, but I’m not sure.

If you need more help let me know.