Dynamic content

Um, titles aren’t really one of my strong points I guess.

How can I dynamically load content into just a section of a page:

  • without using server side languages
  • without using any kind of frames

I’m using a touch of Ajax right now, but I wanna know if there’re other ways.

Yeah I actually have no server side supported on this, plus a full page reload really bugs me.

i think ajax is the best solution for you, if you don´t want to reload the page manually.

Using the changeScript function I created in 2003. ALOT easier than ajax…

use in this way…

el.onclick=function(){changeScript("new_content.js");return false;}

and then new_content.js…

el.innerHTML="<h1>This is new Content</h1>";

I realy don’t understand why most people use ajax unless you want to get code from another server. Why use javascript, convert it to a XMLHTTPresponse request, send it to the server, get back XML, convert it to html and embed it? Very long winded, when you can just send a javascript request to the server, which replies with the javascript code to make the changes.

My livescript method is sooooo much easier.