Updating <script> content in a div without reloading the page

I’m trying unsuccessfully to reload <script> content in a DIV without reloading the HTML page that contains it. The script generates a commenting module.

My site is set up such that there is one HTML page into which content is loaded from xml on each click of the site’s navigation menu. Each time a navigation item is clicked, the DIVS on the HTML page are repopulated with the relative content for the current state of the site. The issue at hand lies in following div:

<div id=‘commentContainer’>
<script>instac_button(8623, dynamicTagNameForThisCommentsBox);</script>

I would like to load new data into this div each time a main site navigation item is clicked thereby generating a new instance of the comment box specific to the state of the site.

I have been able to get this working using iFrames with the following:

$(‘#iFrameComments’).attr(‘src’, ‘comments.html?variable=’ + nameOfTagToUse);

But the problem with using iFrames is that each time a page is loaded through the iFrame, it adds to the browser history. And, as I’m using SWFAddress to manage URL creation for each state of the site, the iFrame creates the undesirable side effect of having to click the back/forward button 2 or 3 times to go back or forward.

I’m happy to share a dev URL with the iFrame implementation if at all helpful.

This problem has vexed me for days. Any help would be greatly appreciated.