Dynamic Content Not Showing In iPad / iPhone

Have a client that is telling me some dynamic content isn’t showing up on iPads and iPhones, works correctly on everything else.

The content is pulled via jQuery after clicking on a location in a ‘tree’ on the page. The content is asssembled and returned and is then ‘slid’ into the page from the right side of the screen.

Here is the log in page: http://scout-cloud.com

To get in use test2@test.com for the email / username and 12345678 for the password. Once in click on the ‘Test Job’ link in the first cell of the table. On the next page click the ‘A Test’ link in the menu, it will expand to reveal two sub links, click on ‘New Test Day’ and that will expand to show three location links. Click on any one of these and the images are loaded and slide in from the right.

I checked it with the Chrome Canary emulator and it works fine but the customer claims multiple people have had issues with the images not showing up.

Totally clueless what may be going on here.

Are you sure they’re triggering a click event and not a tap or tab-enter?

Without having one of the devices I’m not sure how I could test it, but if that were the case wouldn’t Canary also fail when in iPad mode?

I am using a click event in jQuery btw to trigger it

I’m on Browserstack (emulates devices) and it fails once I try to click on New Test Day. It won’t load the sublinks for New Test Day.

Interesting, we haven’t heard any complaints about an issue like that

Perhaps it was Browserstack being buggy, but I dunno.

It was emulating the Ipad Air Mini (8.0)

I tried browserstack a few times and all it did was lock up my browser … ugh

That might be what’s going on. BStack has been terrible for me in the past for IOS.

I just added JS alerts inside the bodies of the click functions for each, just to make sure the click functions are actually being called.

The code that shows the images is really quite simple:

$('#images_div').html(data).css('margin-left', '280px').show('slide', { direction: 'right' }, 750);

Ok I just tested on a real device. iPad2. iOS8.1.2. Forgot my work gives me one for testing.

Same result as my above problem. I couldn’t get past New Test Day. Doesn’t even see like it’s a clickable item.

Going home. Can’t test.

Yeah I think I may know what the issue is … going to do some testing now

You have a typo here:

$('body').on('click', '.loc_link'', function() {

It should be:

$('body').on('click', '.loc_link', function() {

Hah, you were looking at it when I was changing code

This should be moved to the JS / jQuery area, it is a problem with Apple not throwing the click event on phones and pads

Try using the touchevent. Add that in. I did some googling and that appears to be a possible solution.

Failed. O well …

Yeah I changed the log in … the issue was the iPhone / iPad bug where they don’t attach click events to items like li when the elements are loaded to the DOM … the simple and amazingly stupid work around is to add onClick=‘’ (just like that) to your list items and Apple then says ‘oh hey look, that thing can be clicked’

Stupid Apple developers

You can also do it in css by just adding cursor:pointer to the element that you want to click.

Yeah I saw that one too … isn’t that the silliest thing you have ever seen?

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