This div click not working on IOS?

I have a simple click event, but for some reason it doesn’t work on iOS.

I have tried the cursor: pointer; solution but it doesn’t work.
When i try it on my phone it looks like the click is registered, but the inner div wont slideDown.

Check out my jsBin,css,js,output

Just a shot in the dark, we had a user recently who had to add onClick=“” to their element to be clicked in order for it to recognize it.

Completely shot in the dark but hopefully it helps.

Tried it now but no difference=/

Hmm, this might be the result of an old quirk with jQuery, try adding “cursor: pointer” to the elements style.

Works on my iPad - iOS 8.1.2

Apart from this, try using

.on("click touchstart", function(){

Did you read the OP?

I’ve just gone to,css,js,output on my ipad and the click seems to work perfectly well, so it may not be an iOS issue afterall.

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