Dropdown list not displaying with textfield in form

Hi! I’ve written a JSP that has a form and the form contains a dropdown list and a texfield. The dropdown is populated from a mysql database using beans which act as DAOs and DTOs. Problem is the dropdown doesn’t display the values from the database but when I remove the textfield from the form and leave only the dropdown, it displays fine. someone knows why? Please let me know what to do. The code for the forms is below:

Form without textfield:

 <form id="cam" method="POST" action="${pageContext.request.contextPath}/getHos">  
                     <select name="campuses" size="1" id="camps">  
                         <c:forEach items="${camp.stateList}" var="ca">  
                             <%--<option value="1"><c:out value="${ca.campnm}"/></option>--%>  
                    <input type="Submit" name="cmdSub" value="SUBMIT">  

Form with textfield

 <form method=POST id="hostel" action="${pageContext.request.contextPath}/getHos">  
                     <%--The textfield for hostel name--%>  
                     <label>Hostel Name<input type="text" id="hostel" class="inputtext" name="hosNm" value=""  
                                              onFocus="clearText(this)" onBlur="clearText(this)"/></label><br/>  
                     <label>Campus Name <select name="campuses" size="1" id="hostel">  
                        <c:forEach items="${campu.stateList}" var="cam">  
                             <%--<option value="1"><c:out value="${cam.campnm}"/></option>--%>  
                     <input type="submit" value="Add" style="font-size:14pt; margin-left: 158px; height: 30px;"/>  

could you show us the resulting HTML e.g. view source in your browser?

at first glance your code seems ok to me