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Download the book now!

The fine print:
You’re this far down the page and haven’t already skipped away to download, so I take it you’re looking for the catch, the fine print, or the terms and conditions that may apply. Sorry, but there aren’t any! This offer is as amazing as it seems – a free download of a print-quality book. End of story. Remember: it’s 60 days of Rails madness, not 61, so don’t miss out!

lol comment of the century! :rofl:

I can not get past page 23

Wow. You can’t beat that with a stick!

Why are you giving away the free book?
Is it a marketing experiment? It reminds me of a ‘crazy johns’ commercial :slight_smile:


Awesome. Thanks SitePoint!

of course it is. notice it ask you if you like to subscript to blah blah blah…etc.

In any case who cares! Free book woohoo! <3 Free things are nice when they are awsome.

So why does the popup say that you can download the free four chapter sample?

Learn to build next-generation Ruby on Rails web apps from scratch!
Get 4 Chapters Free Now…

I had that too - I think it must be a caching issue, as it’s as expected now.

What’s happening to this place

My guess is to promote ROR… but oh well. Free is free. :slight_smile:


ok but it is a shame to those who purchased the pdf as me

Hole in one.

Btw, Thanks sitepoint :smiley:

I feel sorry for those who purchased, but at least you get an up to date copy for free :tup:

we already had the opportunity to re-download the updated book whenever we wanted 'cause we paied for the book:rolleyes: :mad:

Thanks, must not be selling that well…

Thanks SitePoint. Must be a new marketing strategy you’re testing its waters. :slight_smile: I just want to say that the pop-up window is confusing. I expect a “DOWNLOAD NOW” link to instantly trigger a file, not a from to enter an email address. Why not directly incorporating the form in the page?

possibly getting ready for a second edition?

Is this book is realy helpful for beginers, means like the person who knows PHP / MySql Very wel but don’t no any thing about rails?

Thanks to sitepoint For this ebook.

This is great.
It is going to inspire me to learn ROR.
I’ll definitely give it a go