Dominos New Pizza Tracker is Patent Pending?

Seems odd to me. Dominos released a new pizza tracker that updates the status of your pizza as Order Placed, Prep, Bake, Quality Check, and Out for Delivery. It’s just a flash widget, and nothing particularly complicated to build. Can they really place a patent on this?


It’s not just a Flash widget, since there has to be an entire system feeding that widget – software on the computers at the store to track the orders, note when the bake starts and finishes, when the order is sent for delivery… some kind of portable system, either a mobile computer or cell phone application that the delivery driver carries to note the time of delivery… all integrated into that website.

You have to admit there’s some novelty to that system. Do you know of any other previous restaurant that could tell you the real-time cooking status of your meal over the internet?

It’s not new either, but patents take years to process so it’s been “pending” for a long time.