Hello everyone.I’m new can you all suggest what are the easy steps to host websites on linux platform?

Get a web hosting account. There are many web hosts out there. You sign up, they give you login details, you upload your files … and bang, you’re online. :slight_smile:

@ralph.m:thank u so much.But it would be more clear if u suggest particularly linux.

Most web hosts use Linux/Apache anyway. Just check with the host before you sign up. They will tell you on their website what they use. :slight_smile:

@ralph.m:thanks u so much

Is there any possibility to get FREE DOMAIN or LINUX HOSTING for WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT…


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For example:

Many host would provide you with a free domain name on their Annual Packages. However I would not recommend going with a free webhost even for your development purposes.


Red Hat or Centos (A Red Hat look alike :wink: ) or Debian are dependable distributions to host Linux and Apache. I prefer Debian (if giving a choice) as I like their package management better than Centos; however this is a personal preference so if you don’t have experience with either then it is a bit like rolling the dice.

You want to make sure you know the end of life for any distribution you choose. You also want to ensure that that a current version of Apache and possible PHP and/or MySQL are part of the distribution. Also you want to ensure that there is a supported management package like WebMin (although that is commonly installed outside of the package management)


Go to get a cpanel web hosting account. It is the easily step to begin a website. It has built-in templates and a lot of applications.