Domain name value for people who don't sell domains

Hi all,

Like the subject says, I don’t buy and sell domains as a business or hobby. I bought a domain name a while back for a project I had in mind and now I’m not sure it will ever come to life. I’ve never parked the domain to make money and it has no traffic to speak of, but still manages to get a fair number of inquiries. Now I may be interested in selling it but I have no idea how much it might be worth.

The domain is Any recommendations for next steps? Is it worth some effort to build up the value somehow before selling?


It is a relatively small name so you might be able to make some cash on it. You can try a domain flipping site like flippa or something like and see waht you can get. If you want to monetize it - I would make it into a niche blog and try to get traffic and use adsense :).