Domain Name and Redirects question

Hi there,

I have a web address like and I am going to put together a movie library in a subdomain named What I would like to do is hand out one domain name like

How would I do that?

so you own and you own the domain as well? i’m guessing that you would want to have show as domain instead? if i’m right,i think the easiest way would be to build the movie library on instead and have redirect to… you could do that by finding the redirect feature on you webhosting panel and doing a 301 Permanent redirect from your subdomain point/redirect to

You can also set up everything at the subdomain, buy the movielibrary domain and redirect that to the subdomain. You can do that within your domain host settings.

Yes , if you have a hosting that supports multiple addon domains, then you could point “movielibrary” to that specific subdomain, given that you have the appropriate DNS settings for “movielibrary” .