Domain for Client but client doesnt want website

Hi all,

I had this friend/client and he asked me to do him a website i spoke to him in person and via facebook anyway i went ahead to register the domain for him called i contacted him some ideas for his website almost a month ago and i got no reply so i sent him a text message just asking how are you he replied and i went ahead to simply ask him do you still want to continue with your website he replied no

i was like okay that seems reasonable i asked him if he could kindly explain to me why he changed his mine and his response was do i really have to explain myself?

im not to worried about the project i had no contracts as im wasnt to worried as i did actually start on the website yet i was just getting ideas down

So now i have this domain i dont know what to do with any ideas?


well you can just let it expire after one year but if you paid for it and he didnt pay you then its your loss unless he will be nice and pay you back but otherwise you have a domain name that is of no use to you but it will expire after a year as i said so next time maybe make sure client pays for the domain at least

“bollywood” brings alot of results in search engines, it might be worthwhile developing it into a forum.

Well it seem fine as I spoke to
Him in person it’s only till recently he told me no I kindly ask him why he simply said do I have to
Explain not sure what I did was it budget wise or what?

Would it be a gud why he changed his mind?

Thanks William

You asked for his detailed feedback and he wouldn’t give it. At this point it’s probably best to move on and focus on getting new clients instead.

All you have right now is to learn from that experience. Just see to it next time the clients you are dealing with can give you the guarantee they are not gonna just change their minds and just disappear.

How can i do that??


Exactly. Having a “friend” who is also a client at the same time does not always guarantee anything. But a contract and an initial payment of the service you give him will ensure you of your clients commitment to pay you and make you complete the contract.